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WoofWalk Harness & Leash

$79.90 $189.99

"My sister's dog likes this harness, and behaves as if nothing is on him. The built-in leash is handy, and the entire thing is made well. Happy pup, and happy dog mom!😊" - Nicole R., CA

Get a great discount on our WoofWalk Harness & Leash while the CHRISTMAS SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $189.99.


  • Our WoofWalk Harness & Leash addresses the common challenges of walking your dog
  • The product combines a safety harness, telescopic rope, and a stylish design
  • You get both a high-quality harness and leash in one package, offering savings and convenience
  • The harness is easy to wear and boasts a modern look
  • An easy hands-free option is available by simply clipping the leash to the harness
  • No more leash tangles, thanks to our telescopic mechanism
  • The leash's length is adjustable to suit various needs