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UltraSpin Wireless EarBuds

$59.90 $189.99

"Got these for my daughter and oh my, she's over the moon! I sneakily borrow them sometimes and they're honestly great - snug fit and the battery? Pretty impressive. And that spinner, oh boy!😄 Smooth as silk and just... GOEEES FORRRREEEVERRRR.😍 Big win in our house!" - Gwen S., OH

Get a great discount on our UltraSpin Wireless EarBuds while the CHRISTMAS SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $189.99.


  • The charging case holds an impressive 50 hours of listening time, ensuring you're always powered up and ready to go
  • Enjoy 5 hours of your favorite tunes and 3 hours of clear conversations on a single charge
  • With a 10m wireless range, your UltraSpin EarBuds let you move freely without losing connection to your device — say goodbye to cables!
  • Fast charging capabilities mean less wait time and more play time
  • Effortlessly control music, calls, and voice commands with just a touch
  • The unique fidget spinner design offers a fun way to stay focused and reduce stress
  • UltraSpin Wireless EarBuds are built tough, resisting dust, sweat, and light rain
  • Clear audio is guaranteed with advanced noise reduction technology
  • With built-in microphones in each earbud, switch, swap, or charge without missing a call


  • Charging Case size: 2.8 x 2.59 x 0.87 inches (71 x 65.8 x 22 mm)
  • Earbud size: 0.93 x 0.66 x 0.66 inches (23.5 x 16.8 x 16.8 mm)


  • 1 x UltraSpin Charging Case
  • 2 x UltraSpin Wireless EarBuds
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable